My name is Joe Blum and I want to be your next Representative in the MN House! I’m running because I believe that our most important rights: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness deserve to be protected, not trampled upon. I love the state of Minnesota. I’ve lived here my whole life, and I plan to raise a family here. However, seeing our neighboring states grow and prosper as Minnesota’s economy remains stagnant is a large concern. Minnesota should once again become a premier destination in which to live, work, and start a business.

I believe the key to a flourishing economy is the private sector. The more laws and regulation we enact, the more difficult it becomes to establish and grow a business here. More taxes only results in less incentive for companies to do business in Minnesota. We need to repeal regulations which are causing companies to look to our neighboring states. It must be a top priority to make this a business friendly state. When businesses come, jobs come, when jobs come, our economy grows. It is that simple.

I am alarmed at the way government continues to step on our liberties and freedom. Whether it is pat-downs at the airport, seatbelt laws, smoking bans, or any number of things, it is a matter of allowing us to live a life free from needless interference by government. It is not government’s job to protect us from ourselves as our Governor Dayton has stated. It is rather our job as citizens to elect men and women who will do their best to protect us from government! That’s why I want to be your representative, to create a better state, and to protect all of our liberties from the overreaching arm of nanny state government.